Eyes of Fire

Thirty years on


Rainbow Warrior, Rongelap (David Robie)


Photograph: Fernando Pereira/Greenpeace


David Robie's book, Eyes of Fire, tells the story of the last voyage of the original Rainbow Warrior, a Greenpeace campaign vessel bombed by French secret agents on 10 July 1985.

Thirty years ago, the Rainbow Warrior and her crew were invited to help the people of Rongelap Atoll escape from their nuclear contaminated island. The events that followed still haunt the Pacific. On this Little Island microsite, we look at the legacy of this vessel, its small crew of resourceful Greenpeace activists and the Pacific Island communities they tried to help.

Background to the last voyage …

Dedicated to Fernando Pereira (1950–1985) who was killed in the Rainbow Warrior attack.

Photograph, David Robie




Photograph: Pierre Gleizes/Greenpeace

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The launch
On July 10 2015 project teams, their friends and family gathered to launch Eyes of Fire, the book and commemorate the 30th anniversary of the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior.
David Robie
Find out more about Eyes of Fire author David Robie. He sailed with the Greenpeace crew on the Rainbow Warrior's last voyage.
The United States of America, France and Britain all conducted nuclear tests in the Pacific.
The legacy
Alistar Kata talks with Steve Sawyer and Bunny McDiarmid about the last voyage and its legacy.
Crew profiles
We introduce you to the crew of the Rainbow Warrior on her last voyage.
Henk's story
From on board his research ship the Tiama, Henk Haazen looks back at his journey with Greenpeace and talks about the Rongelap evacuation.
Peter Willcox
Greenpeace skipper Peter Willcox talks about Rongelap, activism and climate change
The evacuation
A slideshow of photographs taken during the evacuation of Rongelap.
Watch more stories from the crew about the last voyage.
Mejato diary
Second Mate Bene Hoffmann's diary of the Rongelap evacuation.
Protest now
Alistar Kata finds out what has happened to the Pacific protest movement since the 1980s.
Greenpeace – Courage Works
Greenpeace have a Tumblr site for their Courage Works campaign, commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the Rainbow Warrior bombing.
A twenty-five minute bulletin of many of the student interviews for the Eyes Of Fire project.
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Photograph: David Robie/Eyes of Fire

Rongelap leader

Thirty years of nuclear poisoning left a heavy toll on the people of Rongelap Atoll. Finally, in 1985, they asked for help from Greenpeace who sent the Rainbow Warrior. In May of that year the people of Rongelap relocated to Mejato Island on nearby Kwajalein Atoll.

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Rongelap leader

the ship


John Miller/Eyes of Fire

Ship hero

The Rainbow Warrior was a fisheries vessel until, in 1977, Greenpeace bought and refitted her. They took her out into the oceans of the world to do battle against whalers, sealers and against governments dumping nuclear waste and testing nuclear weapons.

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the book


The 1986 book launch (courtesy of David Robie)

Book hero

Seven months after the Rainbow Warrior was bombed in Auckland harbour, David Robie's book Eyes of Fire was published. This book tells the story of the Rainbow Warrior's last voyage and the bombing. David won the 1985 New Zealand Media Peace Prize for his coverage. Several editions of the book have followed, each providing updates to the events. To mark the thirtieth anniversary of the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior on July 10 Little Island Press is releasing an updated edition of this important book.

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the project


Photograph: Fernando Pereira/Greenpeace

Project hero

Thirty years on a new generation is rediscovering the Rainbow Warrior through David Robie's book. Thirteen teams of tertiary students from Auckland's AUT university have been hard at work researching the events described in David's text. They have also been interviewing members of the original Rainbow Warrior crew.

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