Andy Biedermann

Doctor (Switzerland)


Photograph: David Robie


Andy, 58, lives near Bern in Switzerland with his ex-wife and three of his four children. He has been running his own small public health business since 2003 and is a consultant to the Swiss Government and organisations on the prevention of non-communicable diseases like cancer. His business works on a range of projects from improving medical systems to developing new approaches to reduce falls and loneliness in the elderly and raises money to promote research on Alzheimer’s disease.


After the bombing, Andy went home to Switzerland for six months before returning to work as a doctor in New Zealand for three years. During this time he visited French Polynesia to gather oral testimonies on the health effects of the nuclear tests on local people and former test site workers. The outcome, Testimonies, was published in several languages. He returned home to run Greenpeace Switzerland’s atmosphere and energy campaign in 1989 and later founded an organisation promoting eco-friendly buildings.