Grace O'Sullivan

Deckhand (Ireland)


Photograph: David Robie


Grace O’Sullivan, 53, lives in Tramore, Co. Waterford, Ireland, with her three daughters in the same coastal community where she grew up. She works as an ecologist and environmental education specialist. She volunteers in the local surf club, teaching surfing to the junior club members.


After the bombing Grace sailed on the Vega to Moruroa to protest against French nuclear testing. Along with the rest of the crew she was arrested by the French Navy, held for a week, and deported. She continued to sail on Greenpeace ships until 1993 and was involved in campaigns in the Irish Sea, the Mediterranean and Antarctica. Returning to land, soon after her first daughter was born, she worked for Greenpeace International in several departments including marine services and human resources. In 2000 she returned to Ireland to concentrate on bringing up her children. She has since completed a post graduate diploma in Business Enterprise and Innovation. In 2014, she ran as the Irish Green Party candidate in the European elections. She polled well but was not elected.