Peter Willcox

Skipper (USA)


Photograph: Fernando Pereira/Greenpeace

crew picture

Peter, 62, and his wife Maggy live on an island off the coast of Maine, USA. He has been a regular skipper on Greenpeace boats for 34 years and is the only person to have taken the helm of all three ships named Rainbow Warrior. He is currently working on a book covering his time with Greenpeace which is scheduled for release in 2016. He says the work he is most proud of was also Rainbow Warrior I’s last campaign. In 1985, shortly before heading to New Zealand, the Rainbow Warrior was used to help move the residents of Rongelap to a safer atoll as their own island was contaminated by radiation from the US nuclear testing programme.

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Since the bombing, Peter has skippered Greenpeace boats on numerous campaigns. In 1991 he took the Rainbow Warrior II to Mororoa Atoll to protest against French nuclear testing and in 2013 was the captain of the Arctic Sunrise when the ship and her crew were illegally detained by Russian authorities following a protest against Arctic oil drilling.

DemocracyNow's Amy Goodman talks to Peter Willcox about the Rainbow Warrior bombing.