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The fifth edition of "Eyes of Fire"

This is THE book of the last five months of the first Rainbow Warrior. David sailed with us on the Rongelap move and down to New Zealand.
Rainbow Warrior skipper Peter Willcox

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In 2015, 30 years after the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior, Little Island Press brings you the Fifth Edition of this the most comprehensive work on the events.

David Robie was awarded New Zealand's Media Peace Prize in 1985 for his reporting of the voyage of the Rainbow Warrior to the Marshall Islands and the sabotage. This is the tale of that last voyage. But you cannot sink a rainbow. Now, three decades later, the people from Rongelap and Polynesia are still seeking environmental and health justice over the nuclear tests. And since 2011 the "super-green" Rainbow Warrior III has continued global environmental campaigns and protests.


Steve Sawyer, Greenpeace campaigner on the last voyage of the Rainbow Warrior, reviewed David Robie’s Eyes of Fire: The Last Voyage of the Rainbow Warrior for Greenpeace Magazine.

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David Robie's scoop was to have sailed on board the Rainbow Warrior across the Pacific and to have taken part in the evacuation of the Rongelap islanders.
New Zealand Listener