Henk Haazen

Third engineer (The Netherlands)


Photograph: David Robie

crew picture

Henk, 60, is based on Waiheke Island, near Auckland, New Zealand, with his partner and fellow Rainbow Warrior crew member Bunny McDiarmid. Their daughter, Ruby, is an environmental lawyer. Henk spends the austral summer sailing his 50-metre ice-class yacht Tiama to and from New Zealand’s wild and remote sub-Antarctic Islands helping documentary makers and scientists studying climate change and rare marine life. Henk and Tiama have also sailed with two recent flotillas protesting against deep sea oil exploration off the coast of New Zealand.


Immediately after the bombing Henk ran the logistics for Greenpeace’s Antarctic Campaign base camp, sailing to the ice on several trips. He also sailed to Moruroa with Greenpeace stalwart Chris Robertson on his yacht, Fand, in 1992 and again with Greenpeace founder David McTaggart in 1995. He left full-time work with Greenpeace in 1987 to build his own ice-class yacht, supplementing his income with various Greenpeace contracts. With Tiama he has sailed across the Southern Ocean and the South Pacific to Argentina, Chile, and Antarctica, as well as to Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Australia, the Great Barrier Reef and the Kermadec Islands.

Ariana Ward of AUT's Television and Screen Production Major interviews Henk Haazen, covering the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior.
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