Still from video interview with Bunny McDiarmid


The current project looks back thirty years to the Rainbow Warrior bombing in 1985. AUT Journalism and Television Screen Production students have been working alongside Greenpeace and Little Island to rediscover this important part of Pacific history.

A twenty-five minute bulletin of many of the student interviews.
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The crew
The crew
Bunny McDiarmid
Bunny McDiarmid talks to Alistar Kata about the Rongelap expedition, how it felt to be on board the Rainbow Warrior and what activism means to her now.
Martini Gotjé
Martini Gotjé talks to Onehou Strickland about anti-nuclear protests at Moruroa, the Rongelap evacuation and crew-life on the Rainbow Warrior.
Hilari Anderson
Hilari Anderson talks to Phoebe Jeurissen about anti-nuclear protests, the connections she made through the Greenpeace family and activism now.
Hilari Anderson
Sam Yurjevic, a Year 13 student at Rangitoto College in Auckland's North Shore, interviews Hilari Anderson.
Henk Haazen
Henk Haazen talks to Ariana Ward about the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior
David Robie
David Robie, a journalist on the Rainbow Warrior, talks to Hayley Becht about journalism and environmental activism.
Margaret Mills & Martini Gotjé
Martine Gotjé and Rainbow Warrior cook Margaret Mills are two of a number of the crew who live on Auckland's Waiheke Island
The Bombing of the Warrior
The Bombing of the Warrior
Henk Haazen
Henk Haazen talks to Ariana Ward about the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior
Dover Samuels
Dover Samuels helped organise the memorial sinking of Rainbow Warrior at Matauri Bay after the ship was bombed.
Two Auckland theatre companies joined together for a month to produce a play that commemorates the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior.
Activism now
Activism now
Activism Now
Natasha Free asks if the next generation is ready for the challenges of environmental activism.
Protest now
Alistar Kata re-evaulates the protest movement in New Zealand since the 1980s.
AUT Students
AUT Communications students are just discovering the Rainbow Warrior through our Eyes of Fire project.
Two generations
Susi Newborn & Brenna Gotjé talk about being in a family of environmental activist.
activism now
Susi Newborn
Susi Newborn was there when the Rainbow Warrior was first bought by Greenpeace, and worked preparing the ship for her first missions.
John Miller
George Freeman talks to activist photographer John Miller.
Gil Hanly
New Zealand photographer Gil Hanly talks about photographing the Rainbow Warrior after the bombing.
Eyes of Fire
David Robie explains how his award-winning book the Rainbow Warrior is different from others.
Greenpeace – Courage Works
Greenpeace have created a Tumblr site for their Courage Works campaign, commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior.
Pierre Gleizes
Greenpeace photo-journalist Pierre Gleizes writes about Fernando Pereira and French books on the bombing.